Private charter Vs. Commercial flights

Private charter Vs. Commercial flights

Why choose a charter flight vs. a scheduled flight?

Did you know that our charter flights can be as competitive as a scheduled flight? You will have the advantage of your own time, you choose your time of departure and your time of the return flight, you do not have to go thru large lines of security and you don’t need to pay extra for your luggage.

When traveling with your family or a small group of friends all get to go on the same plane and don’t need to worry about seat assignment.

See our chart below so you can quickly compare:

From City Vieques Culebra Tortola Virgin Gorda St. Barths
San Juan / Air America $218.75 $218.75 $418.75 $443.75 $900
San Juan / Airline $348 $278 $392 $470 $835

*Our prices are round trip flights per person cost, based on a 8 person aircraft. Airline prices shown are based on mayor air fare search engine results.