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Magnificent beaches, enchanting destinations, wonderful locals and a wide variety of captivating ambiances ~ you can expect to find all of these and more when you visit the Caribbean Islands. This is where the turquoise waters are warm, sands are white, and the tropical foliage is colorful all year. For these reasons, it continues to be a favorite destination for vacationers from around the world.

Charlotte Amalie view

Beautiful View Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas USVI

Why the Caribbean?

If you have never been to the Caribbean for a holiday, then the time is right for you to make it a priority. There are many reasons why people come to the Caribbean for their ultimate vacation in paradise. 

  • Caribbean Luxury – Although there are affordable destinations in the Caribbean, this is where celebrities and royals come to indulge in the sun, surf and sand. The British Virgin Islands is just one of the posh destinations that will surely lure you to the Caribbean.
  • Resorts Galore – Top resorts in spectacular tropical settings, with wonderful amenities such as golf courses, tennis courts, spas, pools and gracious accommodations are ready to convince you that you need a Caribbean vacation. These resorts, especially in Tortola, Vieques, Anegada, St Thomas and Culebra, are top of the line. Don’t forget to look into exciting local festivals, which will give you a chance to explore local culture and meet interesting islanders.
  • Affordable Rates and Rentals – The Caribbean continues to be a popular and sometimes expensive getaway, but there are also very affordable hotels and accommodations for the frugal traveler. All you need to do is to find a vacation package deal that combines quality and affordability. Villa rentals by the week are a smart way to vacation because you can prepare most of your meals at the villa and thus save on your dining budget.
  • Fulfill Your Dreams – Whether you are travelling with your family or your partner, or fulfilling a retirement dream, you will find the Caribbean Islands have everything that you have been dreaming of in a wonderful and memorable vacation. For example, on the island of Virgin Gorda, you can rent an oceanfront villa with a fleet of kayaks, take kite boarding lessons, go on snorkeling day trips with DIVE BVI, an evening sunset sail, hike Gorda Peak National Park, visit “The Baths National Park,” and frolic at twelve other spectacular beaches.  After an active day, you can relax in the sparkling pool at your luxury villa with daily mad service.


Some facts About Travelling to the Caribbean

Expect a lot of sun on your Caribbean vacation because you will be closer to the equator. Be sure to apply sunblock frequently throughout the day. You would surely be swimming or taking up water activities while you’re there so use waterproof sunblock with high SPF levels. Remember to bring lip balm and aloe Vera products to soothe sunburned and inflamed skin.

Wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. Wear these as you walk around or when you are touring. Be sure to pack hats and sunglasses for kids, too.

Finally, don’t over pack. It’s a shame to stay in one island or place in the Caribbean, so if flying into San Juan, try to add a few days for touring the old city before flying to your final island destination. Large heavy luggage will only slow you down. Use soft-sided luggage and pack light. The trick is to pack only the essentials, such as a few pieces of clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, medication and your camera; the rest can be bought on site.


Air America Piper Aztec up to 5 paxs

Air America Piper Aztec up to 5 paxs

How To Get Around?

One of the most common questions for travelers to the Caribbean is how do they get around the area? How about traveling with a large family or group in tow? Here are solutions:

  • Charter Flight Services – There are companies in Caribbean that offer charter flight services and day tours. Charter flights will allow you to move from one island to another in a comfortable, convenient, and relaxing manner. No more worries and stress, just like a vacation should be. This plan makes the best use of your vacation time.
  • With charter flight service, you will be flying in a comfortable private plane. When the plane lands, you will be picked up by a private car to drop you off to the resort or hotel of your choice, or you will rent a car for the week if staying at a villa.
  • Rental Car – There are many rental car companies in the area and you can choose from a number of models to rent. As easy as it may seem, it could be very stressful to self-drive in the city of San Juan since you may not be familiar with roads and traffic rules. In contrast, driving a rental car on the many small islands of the Caribbean is easy.
  • Commuting/Public Transportation – There are taxis, buses and inter-island ferries available. While these are inexpensive ways to travel, public transport is known for its tardiness and could waste too much of your valuable vacation time.

Trips to the Caribbean

Day trips are very popular in the Caribbean simply because these are all-in-one transportation package deals. Every traveler knows that moving from one destination to another is a hassle, more so if you if you barely have time to spare. Day trips will ensure that you get to where you want to be in the Caribbean in the most relaxing and efficient way possible.



Savannah Bay Beach, Virgin Gorda

Day Trips with Air America

Whether you are travelling alone or with the entire family in tow, Air America provides round trip transportation to many destinations. Air America day trips will always provide return transportation to your accommodation or hotel from the airport. The company’s charter services will save you at least 6 to 8 hours travel time compared to travelling to your destination using a ferryboat or a commercial plane.

Air America’s day trips to the Caribbean offer a hassle-free way to move from one island to another.

Travelers only need to call to make a reservation. There is no need to visit an office to book a day tour.

Choose from a wide variety of tours available for couples, families, for businesses or companies.

Air America has its own private terminal or FBO to serve customers more conveniently.

Island hopping activities are available. Day tours to the U.S. or British Virgin Islands, Vieques, or to Culebra are just some of the exciting options. NOTE:  You need a passport for the British Virgin Islands.

Rates are more affordable and reservations are more flexible than ever.

Air America will take you to enjoy the following in the Caribbean:

Fantastic Beaches

Close your eyes and imagine a pristine, tropical beach in paradise. Air America can bring you to these when you visit the Caribbean. Most of these beaches have stunning, crystal clear waters, stretches of tranquil beaches, glorious scenery, and all the travel amenities, too.

  • Virgin Gorda – Voted the #1 island destination in the Caribbean by Travel & Leisure in 2016 because of its unspoiled beauty and sublime beaches. There are several National Park beaches, restaurants, lots of places to visit, and things to do in Virgin Gorda. It is one of the ultimate destinations in the Caribbean and belongs at the top of your list. Just a few places to check out on your day trip:  Spring Bay, Savannah Bay, and “The Baths”, a spectacular beach with grottoes formed with giant boulders. Tour the 8-mile island by car for spectacular vistas.



Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda

  • Anegada Island – Savor a true island experience with stunning beaches on this coral archipelago.  It is known for “Anegada lobster” at the Big Bamboo restaurant.  Excellent snorkeling, island living, and a serene and peaceful environment.
  • Vieques Island – Blue Bay – This is a very beautiful beach where the water is clear, green to blue transformation. Tourists love to stay and engage in different outdoor and water activities. Secret Beach – This is located in the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge (Camp Garcia area.) It has soft, white sand and clear blue water.  Not too many folks come here, and the snorkeling is worth the trip.
  • Culebra Island– Flamenco Beach – Come here to swim with turtles and snorkel with fish of all hues.

Amazing Local Cuisine

You will love dining in the islands! Expect fresh and delicious seafood in almost restaurant. Delicacies such as shellfish and freshly caught fish are specialties on menus. Local restaurants use natural flavors to enhance the taste and flavor of their cooking. Lunch and dinner menus usually include rice, coconut, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, chickpeas and beans.

It’s a good idea to go on a food day trip if you wish to try out various dishes unique to certain islands. Food day trips are always available and are conducted by local food aficionados. Be sure to sign up early!

Interesting Things To Do

You might barely have time to sleep when you travel to the Caribbean islands. There is a myriad of activities in and out the islands’ blue waters. You can go on sailing cruises or sea tours where you dive and interact with sea creatures. Enjoy additional energetic activities such as snorkeling, deep sea diving, surfing and parasailing on almost every island. There are also nature and wildlife tours where an expert tour guide will take you to the best nature destinations on every island.

Hotels and Other Rental Accommodations

When it comes to hotels and a variety of different accommodations, nothing can beat the Caribbean experience! Expect hotels with scenic ocean views, over-the-top amenities, luxurious room interiors, and casinos in some island locations Luxury hotels are costly, but service is excellent and you will have a memorable vacation. Hotels cater to a varied clientele so search for one that matches your needs: small, bargain, romance-themed, family-themed, luxury or best service hotels.  On the smaller Caribbean islands, a private luxury villa is often the accommodation of choice. Daily maid service is included in the rate, and you often have an ocean view, a private pool, and chance to live like royalty for a week.

Megans Bay St Thomas USVI Happy customer Air America

Air America Customer at Megans Bay St. Thomas

The Experience of Day Trip Travelers Using Air America Service

Emily Rivera has lots of great things to say about Air America after joining a day trip to the Caribbean. Emily was in Puerto Rico and in nearby islands looking for her ultimate dream vacation:

“If you’re in Puerto Rico or in an island near, and you’re seeking a one day adventure, #Vieques is the way! My husband and I went there this time via a charter flight with Air America. We wanted to have a different experience, so we decided to reserve a Jeep and explore the island. Thinking about that, we took the basics with us: a towel, sunblock, bathing suit, cooler, snacks and the main ingredient: our camera!

This place has a variety of attractions that include crystal-clear, uncrowded beaches, the brightest bioluminescent bay, nature reserves, historic sites and many more. After an hour driving around the island, we went directly to Playa Caracas and Playa La Chiva. Those beaches are absolutely stunning! Later then we went bar hopping at Playa Esperanza. It was an amazing day and we’ll definitely do it again.

Air America completed our daydream with their customer service. Make a reservation. You won’t regret it!”

Truly only Air America will be able to take you to the best places in the Caribbean and back to your accommodation, safely and on time. With their complete day-trip packages, visitors will be able to explore the islands as much as they want to and have a chance to meet locals, try out activities, and eat great local food.

There is more to looking for the best tourist destinations and traveler delights than checking these online. Actually talking and interacting with locals and having a day trip guide that will expertly take you to these fantastic places are a must.


Remember, Air America Day Trips Offer:

  • Fast and easy reservations. Just like Emily, all you need to do is to call and set the date. Expect to see and explore the best places in the Caribbean such as Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Vieques, Culebra, Anegada and St. Thomas.
  • Lots of day tours and trips are waiting for you. You can find one that matches your family or personal interest, according to your budget and the number of days that you will be in the Caribbean. Day trips are available for Vieques, Culebras, Virgin Gorda, and St. Thomas.
  • Safe and secure transportation to anywhere in the islands. A lot of islands, so little time! Some of the most enchanting places in the Caribbean are only accessible by chartered planes; therefore, using Air America service is your best choice!
  • Nice staff and friendly customer service. Our team will help you from the time you book your day trip until the time you get home. Truly you are in for a relaxing vacation when you choose Air America service.
  • More value for your money. Many people save their whole lives for a vacation to the Caribbean, and Air America wants them to get their money’s worth.

For that wonderful vacation that you will remember forever, choose the company with the best experience in the Caribbean! From the dazzling beaches of Virgin Gorda to the most amazing destinations in St. Thomas, there is no other day trip service that provides the best of what the Caribbean can offer, and that is Air America.



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