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Union Island

Did you know that our charter flights can be as competitive as a scheduled flight? Please consider us and go to the Flight Rates page and compare for yourself how competitive your flight to Union Island can be.

Additional advantages:

  • No security lines
  • No luggage fee*
  • Choose your own time (departure & return)
  • Friends & Family all together

Union Island is volcanic in origin, with steep mountain ridges. It is 5 km long by 2.5 km wide. One recognizes the island from afar when approaching from the south, thanks to the point of the Pinnacle (228M) which is typical of Union. There are many things to do in Union Island. Have a great meal in a restaurant, climb a mountain, hike a nature trail or swim at the beach. Don't forget to try one of the local rum concoctions!

At night, several restaurants offer everything from light snacks to full dinners. Union Island is famous for its lobster and conch. Both local cuisine and international fare are available on Union Island. Enjoy a rum punch in one of the many local bars. Listen to steel pan bands playing authentic West Indian music. Union Island “jump-ups” are famous. Of course, you can always purchase some live lobster from a fishing boat at Clifton Harbour and carry them back to your yacht for a feast in your own, private, environment!

If you want to get away from it all, Union Island is the place for you. Enjoy quiet days of reading, while taking in the beauty of the surroundings. Relax on one of our peaceful beaches. Chatham Beach on the west side of the island, is one of Union's most beautiful. Three others in the north are Bloody Bay, Breakaway and Belmont. But don’t forget the beach at Campbell or Richmond. So many choices!