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Puerto Plata seeks to introduce you to vacation experiences that are beyond the ordinary. Our goal is to provide you with an insider's guide to the Dominican Republic, with a special focus on Puerto Plata and the North Coast of the island. With this site as your guide you'll know the best Puerto Plata resorts, beaches, golf courses, and all the local attractions during your Dominican vacation. Travelers seeking a Dominican travel out of the ordinary can plan an amazing tropical getaway. Puerto Plata is a beautiful scenic area with picturesque beaches with a breathtaking mountain backdrop. Before leaving for your Puerto Plata vacation, visit all the attractions online, view local events, check out the hotels & nightlife, and book your tours.

The city of Puerto Plata, officially called San Felipe de Puerto Plata, sits about four miles inland on the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is centrally located to all the popular tourist beaches, including Cofresi, Long Beach, Marapica and Playa Dorada beaches. Puerto Plata, which is less crowded than the all-inclusive resort zone, offers several hotel options for budget-minded visitors who like to explore and experience local cultures.

Puerto Plata is always an incredible experience of exquisite flavors, aromas and mouthwateringly good regional specialties made with the freshest local ingredients. Plantains, coconuts, cassava, oranges, guavas and red beans provide a unique tropical taste to just about any dish cooked here! Almost every Dominican course features beef, chicken and, since Puerto Plata has a wonderful beach, seafood too. One of the local favorites is "Pica Pollo", a delicious fried chicken usually accompanied by fried banana slices.There's an abundance of dishes on offer in Puerto Plata, ranging from traditional local cooking, grilled steaks, and vegetarian food to Japanese gourmet cuisine, German favorites and Arabic specialties. The choice is all yours, and if you have time it's worth trying a little bit of everything.

The beaches of Puerto Plata are known also for their exciting opportunities for scuba diving. With many shops and dive companies offering equipment and training, both beginners and expert divers alike can enjoy the wonders of the undersea world surrounding Puerto Plata. From shallow reefs and shipwrecks to deep water diving and freshwater cave diving, Puerto Plata’s diving scene is rife with electrifying sights. You may even come into contact with humpback whales or other large sea creatures.


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