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Santo Domingo

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Additional advantages:

  • No security lines
  • No luggage fee*
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  • Friends & Family all together

Santo Domingo is an enchanting city of modern sophistication, old world charisma, and Latin charm.  Santo Domingo's numerous museums, restored historic sites and the cobblestone streets of the old city take the traveler back in time. But the tourist can disregard history entirely, if he or she chooses, and merely come to enjoy the city's modern society, its music, fine dining, its casinos and five-star hotels.  The ancient Caribbean seaport of Santo Domingo is a city of firsts, the first capital of the new territories discovered by Christopher Columbus, the first to have Spanish coinage, a university, a cathedral, a fort, a monastery, a hospital and a palace.

Santo Domingo is a cosmopolitan city with a grand and sophisticated array of restaurants to please international appetites. Whether your choice is a quiet romantic meal or a people-watching affair, there is a restaurant in the city for you.


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic