Private charter Vs. Commercial flights



St. Thomas

Did you know that our charter flights can be as competitive as a scheduled flight? Please consider us and go to the Flight Rates page and compare for yourself how competitive your flight to St. Thomas can be.

Additional advantages:

  • No security lines
  • No luggage fee*
  • Choose your own time (departure & return)
  • Friends & Family all together

In St. Thomas there are fine hotels, restaurants with an international cuisine, the largest charteryacht fleet in the Caribbean, and a variety of other things to do away from the beach.


Guests who want to be on the move will appreciate St. Thomas. Blessed with a rich city life and natural beauty, St. Thomas is the most metropolitan of all of the US Virgin Islands- spanning 32 sq. miles of tropical paradise. Diversions include everything from sightseeing and shopping to horseback riding, tennis, golf, and rock-climbing. Vacationers are never far from a beach and the best of city life, including tons of shopping, art galleries, museums and the finest restaurants. Though a bit crowded, Charlotte Amalie's Main Street is a "must" for serious shoppers- (4 blocks of pure shopping.) All said and done, St. Thomas is definitely the liveliest of the three U.S. Virgin Islands but luckily, unwinding is still a possibility. The island's beaches, major hotels, restaurants, and entertainment facilities are, for the most part, set off from all the crowds and excitement.