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St. Vincent

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Discover a beautiful getaway; a hideaway that is not as commercial as most others, but offers the visitor an uncommon vacation with plenty of variety. This is the land - St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The big island of St. Vincent has rugged mountainous terrain, lush forest and many uncluttered beaches and inlets that more than imitates an Amazon getaway. Yet the island is sufficiently small (133 sq. miles - 18 miles long and 11 miles wide) that there is never the dread of being lost to civilization with a good guide. This most fertile of Caribbean islands has been fed by volcanic ash as recently as April 1979 - and provides for its inhabitants enough fruit and vegetables to make them self-sufficient. The Soufriere volcano which is to the north of the island is itself a wonderful attraction for the energetic and adventurous visitor.

On the south west coast of the island is Kingstown the small bustling capital, built on a broad bay between two hilly promonitories. From Kingstown, highways wind their way northward along both coasts: the Atlantic or Windward coast is rugged, with pounding surf and rocky shores, providing dramatic landscapes; the Caribbean or Leeward coast offers spectacular scenery and most of the island's beaches. The most beautiful beaches in St. Vincent lie along the south coast, some of the best being at Villa, four miles from Kingstown.