Private charter Vs. Commercial flights

About Air America Caribbean

Founded in 2002 and established in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Air America began offering charter flight services to many destinations in the Caribbean.  In 2015, it began operating under the guidance and administration of local entrepreneur, Mr. Luis Feliciano.

Focusing on how he wanted the company to be seen by the eyes of its customers, the new owner began improving many aspects of the entire airline:

  • Rates were carefully adjusted to be even more competitive and affordable.
  • New crewmembers, with great hospitality skills, were added to offer an even better experience to the passengers.
  • Many upgrades were made to the fleet of aircraft to optimize its functionality and enhance the safety of the operation.
  • And last, but perhaps the most notable upgrade made, is the new image of the aircraft, which makes the passengers’ journeys a beautiful experience even before takeoff!

Vieques aircraft

A New Way

Air America’s commitment is to provide its passengers with a unique experience when flying to and from their favorite Caribbean destinations. Rates are carefully adjusted to be even more competitive and affordable.

We carefully selected distinguished artists from the Caribbean to represent in their own creative way the positive energy, good vibes and astonishing views and colors that can only be found in a Caribbean paradise.


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