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Dreaming of that perfect Caribbean getaway? That little island with white-sand beaches, gently swaying palm trees, cerulean water, and nobody around for miles and miles? Then forget about the Bahamas, ignore St. Kitts, and say no way to San Jose – you’re looking for Vieques, Puerto Rico! A small island off the east coast of “main land” Puerto Rico, Vieques is the honest-to-goodness island escape of your dreams, boasting more than 40 beaches and not a single traffic light – and this Vieques travel guide will help you get the most out of your visit.

The beaches of Vieques are like works of art painted by the Master Hand with perfectly coordinated shades of blue, shores with sand ranging from soft white, deep golden, to sparkly black.  Beach hop all day without seeing crowds.  Swim in crystal clear waters with colorful gardens underneath.  Beauty, tranquility, and awe await. 

Most activities and things to do are focused around the island’s natural resources.  Vieques is a nature lover’s destination offering activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding and even a little surfing.  Kayak through mangrove channels, hike nature trails leading to secluded beaches, go bicycling, book a fishing charter, and at night experience the magic of the bioluminescent bay.

One of the charms in Vieques is the absence of cookie-cutter hotels and resorts.  Choose from the luxurious W Retreat & Spa, luxury villas or charming small inns to fit every budget.  Whether you’re honeymooning, vacationing with a group of friends or traveling with your children, Vieques offers excellent lodging options to meet your travel needs.

Snorkeling is excellent, especially at Blue Beach. The island is also the home of phosphorescent Mosquito Bay. This rare and remarkable phenomenon is caused by millions of luminescent dinoflagellates lighthing up when disturbed by movement. The dinoflagellates, a tiny form of marine life, have characteristics of both plants and animals, their size range from about 5 to 2,000 micrometres (0.0002 to 0.08 inch).

There is an excellent historical museum at the beautifully restored fort, El Fortin Conde de Mirasol, located in Isabel Segunda. This fort holds the distinction of being the last fort constructed during the Spanish Empire in the New World, over time also served as a jail. After it's careful restoration in 1991 by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, the fort serves as the island's main museum, housing the Vieques Museum of Art and History and the Vieques Historic Archives. The museum contains the Vieques Historic Archives, which includes thousands of documents and other materials related to Vieques' history.


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