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Fly to Punta Cana, Charter Flights from San Juan SJU and St. Thomas STT. 

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Additional advantages:

  • No security lines
  • No luggage fee*
  • Choose your own time (departure & return)
  • Friends & Family all together

Punta Cana consists of nearly 50 all-inclusive resorts along a near 30 mile stretch of the most beautiful soft white sandy beaches, lots of swaying palm trees, a near constant gentle breeze, and some of the most vivid turqoise blue waters you'll ever see anywhere. 

In the all-inclusive resorts, you’ll find international dining options with a wide choice of American, European, and Asian dishes. Red beans, rice, and plantains are common items on local menus, and national favorites include mofongo (fried plantain) and chicharrón de pollo (fried chicken). Foodies will love the annual Punta Cana Wine and Food Festival, which showcases the region’s gastronomy, including samples of locally made rum.

The beach is definitely the No. 1 attraction in the East Coast area, stretching an amazing 50 kilometers of white beautiful sands. But visitors to Punta Cana have also a plethora of excursions to choose from, with many tour companies offering similar packages: buggy rides, jeep safaris, monster trucks or helicopter rides for a privileged view, zip line adventure services, horseback riding, motocross/enduro/trail riding,mountain biking, diving, catamaran party boats, fishing yachts, snorkeling trips, speed boats and many more.

The nightlife inside the resorts is very lively. Outside of the hotels, several small plazas and discotheques allow tourists to interact with local residents. Other tourist attractions have also been installed in the area, among them Manatí Park (a waterpark), Plaza Bolera Punta Cana (a bowling center), a Marina, and the Palma Real Shopping Center; the latter still in construction.


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